1760 Linen Shift with Extra Full Gathered Sleeves - Hand Sewn

1760 Linen Shift with Extra Full Gathered Sleeves - Hand Sewn

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A shift is one thing a person cannot be without when portraying an 18th century lady. They were worn as the layer of clothing closest to the skin, there to protect outer garments from the body.

These shifts are appropriate for the most strict historical accuracy requirements. They are entirely hand sewn with very full sleeves that are gathered into a slim cuff. The sleeves may be tied closed with cotton tapes (included) or completed with sleeve buttons (available here.)

This shift works best for 1740s - 1760s impressions.

Fabric: linen

Thread: linen

Length: Approximately 42" shoulder to hem

If this does not suit your needs, please see other items or contact me to set up a custom shift done in any style, size, & length.


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