Open for Business

Willoughby & Rose has finally reopened! We have moved to a new state and have spent the beginning of 2021 settling into our new home, but it’s finally time to get back to work!


This year will hopefully bring out some patterns that have been in the works for ages, including some children’s clothing (stays!) and a few  historically accurate doll clothing pieces.


The shop will continue to have new releases of housewife kits and restocks of other items on the first of each month as supply allows. There are so many possibilities and I can’t wait to share them with you all!


It would be wonderful to complete this post by announcing all the markets and re-enactments we will be attending this year, but with COVID-19 continuing to stomp all over the planet... unfortunately nothing is certain as of now. The blog and events page will absolutely be updated as soon as anything changes.


Thank you for coming by!



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