COVID-19 Update

What does COVID-19 have to do with historical fashion?


Supplies: Unfortunately, I am not able to offer quite as many items as I would like at this time. My supply chains have (understandably) been interrupted so things like cane boning and certain fabrics are currently unavailable.


Photos: I had planned a few photoshoots for April in order to have better images of my shifts, shirts, etc... Obviously, this was not possible. While I love the aesthetic of 18th century paintings standing in for product photos on the website, this is temporary. 



Inventory: Another complication that I did not anticipate is that, despite events being cancelled, everyone seems to be sewing more. This is really great and I'm so happy to see people creating, but it also means maintaining a constant inventory of kits is becoming a bit of a challenge!

There's also the fact that my miniature apprentice is no longer attending school. That's been interesting, to say the least.


Waitlist: Thanks to chaos, my production time has grown considerably. Custom items may take up to 8 weeks to ship, so if you have a deadline please send me a message before ordering to make sure I can make it happen.


Shipping: I am only shipping items out on Mondays and Fridays at the moment, so there may be a delay between your "shipping label created" email and the actual day your items head out.


Safety: The most important thing! While your items will be packed in a clean and sanitized environment with extreme care, I still recommend letting your packages sit  for a few days upon arrival; there's always the possibility that the outside of your package came into contact with the virus in transit.



Your patience and understanding is most appreciated in these unprecedented times. Thank you!


- Cait

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